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Caroline Harabedian

Get Pre-Approved First

Getting Pre-Approved is the best way to know what kind of a loan program is best for you, the loan amount you qualify for and how much your estimated monthly payments will be. With a Pre-Approval, you will be able to know how much money you will need for your down payment and approximate closing costs as well.

The items on the Need list will be able to give our Preferred Lenders the information necessary to issue a Loan Approval Letter. At the minimum, you will need a Pre-Approval Letter to submit offers on Homes you like. Here’s what we need:

*Loan Application Form
*Borrower Authorization Form or Recent Credit Report
*3 months Bank Statements
*2 years Tax Returns and W-2s
*1 month Pay Stubs

Loan Application

Borrower Authorization Form

Gift Letter

Loan Need List

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